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Chairperson's Message

Mrs. Nita Ambani

Sport has the beautiful ability to transcend boundaries; bring people from diverse backgrounds together and create an environment of optimism. And the quintessence of sport can be clearly experienced in no greater form than in football. “The beautiful game” has successfully captured the imagination of people all over the globe. And now it’s time for the football-loving people of India to join in and experience the joy of watching the birth of a footballing nation.

The Hero Indian Super League is all set to usher in a new wave of enthusiasm in India’s emergent sporting milieu. Right from the outset, the ISL has been geared towards one overarching objective— to develop football across the country in a systematic and holistic manner. A focused approach towards grassroots development combined with specific measures to engage the nation’s football fans are the two cornerstones of the League’s existence.

The ISL is the realisation of a dream – the dream of a billion plus Indians to experience and embrace the beauty of football. In building the Indian Super League we have committed to propel Indian football to its rightful place– with Indian talent, facilities, passion and ambition to reach the very pinnacle of the game.

The League is built on strong values which will ensure that long-term and sustainable growth is achieved through concerted and mutually-aligned effort from all Indian football stakeholders. The objective of sustainable long-term development can only be achieved by working in unison with the entire Indian footballing firmament. The ISL’s League Partners have already shown their commitment towards taking the requisite steps in filling the various lacunae that restricted growth in the past.

Now is the time to look ahead with renewed optimism and vigour as the Hero Indian Super League takes its first steps towards creating footballing history to put Indian football on the world map.

Come on, India. Let’s football.

Mrs. Nita Ambani

Founder & Chairperson, Football Sports Development Limited

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